Does Trimming Chest Hair Make it Worse?

Does Trimming Chest Hair Make it Worse?

While trimming your chest hair won’t make it worse, not all grooming methods are created equal.


Does Trimming Chest Hair Make it Worse?

If you’re new to the world of men’s body hair grooming, you might be sorting out fact from myth when it comes to its effects. After all, grooming shouldn’t be one more thing you have to worry about. If your pecs are blessed with an abundance of hair, but you’d prefer a more refined look, you might wonder if trimming chest hair makes it thicker. 

Rest assured that grooming won’t change the texture or growth rate of your hair, but we recommend using a trimmer instead of a razor blade. Shaving with a razor can make regrowth look thicker because it removes the fine tips of your hair, giving your strands a more blunt appearance. 

Also, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the most of your grooming routine because no one wants the dreaded chest stubble that comes from shaving with a blade. Read on to learn more about the art of trimming chest hair for perfectly smooth, groomed, stubble-free results. 

Choose Your Tools Wisely

Trimming with our shaver is by far the best way to keep your body hair in check. Shaving your chest with a razor is super high maintenance to keep up with since you have to shave daily to avoid the aforementioned stubble. Moreover, we don’t want to see you subject yourself to the pain of waxing your chest hair. Seriously, just don’t. 

Grooming with a personal body groomer trims to your desired length in just a few minutes per session. If you want to go hair-free, simply adjust The Trimmer’s guide combs for complete hair removal.

Prepare Your Skin + Hair First

A great men’s body grooming session starts with clean skin and hair. Clean skin and softened body hair are easier to groom, and groomed skin and hair are easier to keep clean. 

You can trim your body hair on either wet or dry skin, but you must make sure that your body hair groomer is safe to use in the shower. Meridian’s Trimmer is fully waterproof with extra sensitive technology. You can choose where you groom and how close you want to trim with no nicks, tugs, or snags. 

Double Check Your Results 

Make sure to double-check after trimming to ensure perfect grooming results. You can clean up any stray hairs or go in for a closer shave by adjusting your guide combs on the second pass. 

Take your time and don’t rush the process, especially if you’re new to men’s body hair grooming. 

While trimming your chest hair won’t make it worse, not all grooming methods are created equal –– especially when it comes to body hair. You deserve pain-free results that are quick, affordable, and easy to maintain. No matter how often you choose to groom, trimming with a body hair trimmer helps you achieve your desired length with no risk of cuts, scratches, or pulling. Make your hairy chest a thing of the past by starting your men’s grooming routine today.



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