The Travel Package

The Travel Package

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Product duo kit for your storage & travel needs.

Trimmer: Trimmer
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Trimmer color: Onyx
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  • Product Overview

    Whether you're prone to adventure or simply like to keep a clean house, this bundle is ideal for keeping all of your self-care essentials in one place.

    The Travel Package features our signature rechargable Trimmer and waterproof Travel Case to store your daily grooming routine tools.

  • Benefits

    • Get 90 minutes of trimming time before you recharge
    • Enjoy smooth, safe trimming from your facial features to your private parts
    • Experience self-grooming with no nicks, tugs, or cuts• Build your self-grooming kit with the waterproof travel case

  • What's in the box

    • The Trimmer

    • Travel Case

    • 1 anti-nick shaving guard

    • 1 replaceable ceramic blade

    • Cleaning brush

    • USB-C charger + charging dock

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I use the Trimmer on my body?

    Our signature personal Trimmer is designed to be safely used anywhere on the body to create your desired look.
    You can trim your arms, groom your legs, spruce up below the belt … the only limit you could have is your imagination.

  • Will the Trimmer irritate my skin?

    Nope! The Trimmer features a high-quality ceramic blade that is safer and gentler on the skin than a traditional body hair removal tool.

  • What are the dimensions of the Travel Case?

    Dimensions: 170 x 80 x 45mm